Flush Mount Retractable CIP Spray Nozzles for Single-Wall, Cladded and Cladded Insulated Vessels

Evaporator Dryer Technologies, Inc. (EDT) has extended their line of Liquid-Activated Retractable CIP Spray Nozzles.

The retractable CIP spray nozzle is now available in flush mount design to accommodate single wall, cladded and cladded-insulated vessels, ductwork, and spray drying equipment.

EDTís retractable CIP spray nozzles are designed specifically to remain in place during production in sanitary applications. The nozzles are USDA accepted; and can be completely removed from equipment for inspection. Designed with a minimum number of parts the CIP spray nozzle is easy to assembleóno tools required.

The nozzle utilizes a liquid-activated spray head that extends during CIP and fully retracts after CIP. This liquid-activated design eliminates the need for pneumatic airlines for operation. At the end of the CIP process, CIP supply lines are rinsed and air dried with the system to eliminate standing water that may cause bacteria.


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