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Evaporation Technology

1,000,000 Lb/Hour

4 Simultaneous Streams

●  Pre-Concentrate Evaporators

●  MVR Mechanical Vapor Recompression

●  TVR Thermal Vapor Recompression

●  Tubular

●  Finisher

●  High Concentrator

●  Shell and Tube Product Heaters

●  Shell and Tube Condensers 

●  Pasteurizers

- System Integrated

- Skid Mounted

●  Pasteurizer Heater

- Shell & Tube

- Shell & Coil Tube

●  Hot Wells

●  Flash Coolers


Wastewater Evaporator

Evaporating process wastewater can significantly reduce waste volume for disposal.

EDT Wastewater Evaporators efficiently evaporate the water component of wastewater to minimize the volume of discharge to drain or increase the concentration of sludge that needs to be disposed.

Clean vapor or steam from evaporation can be cycled in other closed loop processes for thermal heat recovery to maximize energy efficiency.


- Reduced disposal costs

- Reduced storage requirement

- Reduced hauling costs

- Reduced discharge to sewer

Typical applications for wastewater evaporation include disposal of brine concentrate, cleaning solutions, rinse water, floor scrubbing water.


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