New Lactose Conversion Belt Conveyor Turns Whey, Whey Permeate and Skim Milk Permeate into Valuable End-Products

An important issue for cheesemakers today is disposal or utilization of whey and permeate byproducts. As disposal or land spreading are becoming less viable options for environmental reasons, the other option is to process byproducts into valuable end-products.

In 2004, Evaporator Dryer Technologies, Inc. (EDT) will celebrate its' 10-year Anniversary in providing the Food and Dairy Industries with modern, innovative equipment. The Lactose Conversion Belt Conveyor is our most recent development for processing whey and whey permeate.

The conversion belt is integrated into the spray drying process to provide the right retention time for lactose in the whey product to convert to b-lactose crystals. The result, valuable end-products, whey powders that are absolutely non-hygroscopic and free-flowing - extremely important powder characteristics when it comes storage.

The new Lactose Conversion Belt Conveyor is a proven design, successfully in production in several facilities in the U.S. and Europe.

The equipment includes EDT sanitary-designed, heavy-duty manways and liquid-activated retractable CIP and fire suppression spray nozzles.

EDT is pleased with our ability to provide customers superior technical services and innovative products that address today's modern processing methods.


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